In business, timing is critical.

In ‘TeamDrum’ you and your team will bring this statement to life through this highly interactive, creative and inspirational shared experience.


Build your team. 

TeamDrum is proven to break down barriers and to build strong group relationships through music.  And it works.  Hundreds of people have experienced the TeamDrum process, and been blown away by their immediate success and the fun they had along the way.

Anyone can do it.

The format for Team Drum has been refined over many years and is the work of musical genius Andreas Lepper.  With the guidance of Andreas, you will achieve an outcome far beyond your expectations.  

It really doesn’t matter if you don’t rate yourself as ‘musical’ – the Team Drum experience will take you there in an engaging, encouraging and empowering way.  You’ll see how the most basic percussion techniques are easy to pick up and when combined with others will create a powerful and surprisingly complex group sound.

Features & Benefits
  • TeamDrum clearly demonstrates the power of good communication
  • Participants experience first hand the moment when a team ‘clicks’
  • You’ll use quality instruments sourced from all over the world
  • Whatever musical experience you bring to the event, everyones contribution is valid
  • Its bold, plenty of fun and a wonderful way to take time out of our normal working environment